Author. Harpist. Singer/Songwriter.

Three vast identities encompassing the heart, mind and soul of just one person.

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March 2o14:  GOOD NEWS, Everyone! So I just found out I will be composing/performing with an ensemble of 20 harps, various percussion etc.  at a Music Festival in November! I will be the star! I will perform in a $10,000 auditorium! How cool is that?  Anyway, I’m very thankful to Gloria Galante for this opportunity, and I promise I will write an epic piece.

In writing news: Got a lot of help from fellow writers on queries.  Ebony is with some test readers – wow, what great insight!



December 2o13: Lots happening! I bought a house.  My producer is getting ready to release my single “Machine”, and I’m searching for a music video production company with class to carry out my steampunk vision!

New headshots coming soon from the fabulous Britt Olsen-Ecker, the one photographer I can safely say manages to capture the TRUE soul of everyone she gets in her crosshairs! (Figurative crosshairs.  Laser crosshairs?? Whatever.)  There will be sexy poses! Venetian masks! Men! Jeans and steampunk jackets! Yes, folks, it’ll be a blast! I shoot in Baltimore starting at the Maryland Historical Society on December 21st, so anyone in the area feel free to stop by and join in the fun. ;)

November 2o13 : the album is in the last stages now, mixing! I can’t wait to see the beautiful cake that’s baked from it. Hmmm okay the metaphor is a bit much. I am very excited. Can’t wait to share it with you all.

June 2o13: pumped for my performance at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center next week! Sadly, it’s a private event, but I cant wait to show you all video of the performance. Lighting, choreography and backup tracks = 20 minutes of awesome! Thanks for all your help in getting to this point. Couldn’t have gotten here without all of you! :)

May 2o13: Performance at The Fire in Philly tomorrow night after 9 pm!! Be there or be octagon!

So in other news, the EP is coming along. Drummer John O’Reilly (fun, Jason Mraz) has cooked up some sweet rhythms and my producer John Evola (Chris Brown) has some sweet beats also. My latest song, Radio Silence was co-written with another Chris Brown collaborator, aka Cory Walters, and will feature his vocals in harmony. I am very excited for this and I hope you are all too! It’s been a long wait but baby is it going to be worth it… More updates including my Music Video Kickstarter to come to you live very soon. :)

March 2o13: Entered two short story related contests, which I hope to hear back from. Doing copy as part of the design company The Night Crew (link to follow) and enjoying it immensely.

Life is fast! All nighter in the studio coming up at the end of the month. Starting to move out of my parent’s house (finally!) and all is well.

Feb 2o13: biggest change? My name! I’m still Julia Mae, but I wanted to separate my public life from my private, so for songwriting, I am now River. Don’t worry, my writing will be staying and I intend to keep my REAL name on my books and published works!!

Featured again on R.B. Wood’s “The Word Count Podcast” – but this time it’s my music!!! Very excited. You’ll never hear this version anywhere else: the album version is different. So yay for the support of Indie Writers!!

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