Picture of the awesome Julia Mae Staley


Author. Harpist. Singer/Songwriter.

Three vast identities encompassing the heart, mind and soul of just one person.

Welcome to the official site of Julia Mae Staley, Harpist, Author & Singer/Songwriter.

Since the age of 4, Julia has been surrounded by music and writing.  Her first story written at the age of 8, she has always been in love with words and languages.  Through sheer luck and the help of friends, she started a career in marketing and is now Creative Director at a startup firm.  (So if you need marketing help, you know where to go!)  Julia is pursuing the completion of an album which she hopes to pursue this year.  She is starting a Patreon and is accepting donations of any and all sizes at any time.  (Hint Hint.)  She also has several novels in the works, including a steampunk vigilante novel, a tale of a teenage assassin, and a story about a Mexican girl who uses Black magic.  She also hopes to be published by the end of the year, as she is writing a serial novel for a roleplaying tabletop game created by Flying Nightbear Games.

This website contains examples of her copy for her marketing firm – sort of as a portfolio, only less rigid – her blog which includes fictional snippets as well as serious, real-life stuff, and her media/pictures to show you how awesome she is.  (No, I’m not vain at all…)  This website also includes the sheer confusion that is realizing you have been writing in third person for at least three paragraphs, and have now broken into a sort of weird omniscient second person.  This is getting too weird, methinks.

Julia enjoys long walks on the boardwalk, Steve Madden shoes, Wacom Cintiq tablets (which she doesn’t yet own,) and Illithids.  She is always a Half Elf Bard, is never the White Mage, and if you want a tank you should probably look elsewhere.  She has, however, often accidentally set off the boss when entering a room, but swears no relation to Leroy Jenkins.  Her favorite die is a D13 which doesn’t exist but man if it did she would try for 13s all day long.

Julia hopes to make a difference in the world.  As her success grows, she hopes to become a philanthropist, helping those in need, those that are mentally ill, and animals without homes or habitats to call their own.  She also hopes to start a paid internship program at the marketing company where she works.  Because you know, nobody should have to work for free as someone who as been there and done that…

Julia always tips her waitress (even if they were awful they still get something, and a note on the receipt.)  She talks to cashiers, is a total nerd around her students (and they let her know it too) and always has something good to say about a situation, even when she is really, really, really, really, really done with this paragraph.

Click on the Contact Page if you want to get in touch, give her money, or tell her how cool her hair looks.  She will appreciate it, no matter what you have to say.  Welcome!

 Also, here’s a pet hamster to play with: