Trifecta Week 6: “January, 1500”

“January, 1500”

The announcement came unexpectedly at the start of the new year, like the sudden January hail that followed a powdery snow December.

“Love,” she said, her voice a paper-thin whisper in the dark as she squeezed his hand until it was pale, “I am with child.”

He wanted to shout his excitement and his fears to the world, but his sticky tongue clung stubbornly to the roof of his mouth and he lost all sense of speech or reason.

He wanted to cry, knowing he had already stayed in this small town for too long, that they were worn down from the effort of trying to both raise a Rebellion and just simply be alive.

He wanted to keep the thin-ice hope that perhaps the King of the Fae didn’t know of their existence just yet. That the Dark God would remain sightless in their direction. That they would never find him or come looking for a Legend that evaded them like a pebble in a riverbed.

But they would. Sooner or later, they would, and he knew that if he wanted to protect his young love and his unborn child, he would leave, taking all of those things with him.

He would go, even if it meant breaking her heart. Because he loved her.

He envisioned them around the table later, with the Midwife and the Mage, laughing with one another about their good fortune as they toasted the New Year, and he knew the sharp pang of the loss he would feel when he would have to leave it behind.

He wanted to say all of this to her, if only his tongue would uncleave from its resting spot…

And instead, he smiled delicately, and took her tight into his arms.

“What shall we name him?” he asked against her hair, finding first words at last.

Her soft laugh was warm on his shoulder, and her voice muffled as she spoke.

“What makes you think it’s a boy?”


This excerpt was based on original characters and stories from my YA fantasy series, “Ebony”, which is currently being submitted to agents.

This post is also in response to Trifecta’s writing challenge, Week 6, December 20-25, which uses the noun “roof” in it’s 3rd definition, “the vaulted upper boundary of the mouth.”

I’m kind of glad this was the result. The first idea was pretty bad.

Enjoy, all! I will be submitting much more, very shortly!

And a new addendum: look up Jon Crosby’s “Having Part of You” for the soundtrack to this. I’ll be doing this a lot haha.


    1. Kelly, I am thrilled to be doing a challenge like this with you. You have forced me to hone my craft, mainly because of your talent, and really I am excited to be able to try and step it up a little with Trifecta!

      I’m trying to get into Indie Ink but no response yet.

  1. Thank you so much for participating in this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge. It’s great to see new faces adding themselves to our community. I really enjoyed your piece and, like Tara, would love to see more of the story! Good luck with the agents. I hope you’ll come back next week.

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