100 Word Challenge: Empty Hallways and Ashen Faces

He stepped, feet heavy on the ground, every boot click on the stone a reminder that yes, he was alive, was here.   He needed those reminders.   He had the heart of a god and the willpower of a man, but was unable to use them.  He felt hollow, and empty, like the hallways of home.  Those endless corridors that rambled on like miniature labyrinths, where he could walk for hours and never meet a soul.  The memories of the ashen faces that greeted him at the table, like white patches on an otherwise beautiful canvas.  These steps now erased them.


This excerpt is based on a character from my original YA fantasy series, “Ebony”, which is currently in the process of being submitted to agents.

I really wanted to exercise my brevity, which is nonexistent,  but the 100 word blog that I have linked on here hasn’t updated since December 6th.  SO I created my own challenge with the first phrase I thought up.  (What does that say about my state of mind, though?!!)

Anyway, more dark stuff.  I should really try to write something a little happier soon.

Thanks again to writer’s group for your input.

P.S. Feel free to link up your blog if you want to take this challenge as well,  but I only ask you link mine as well.  There will be no  contest or anything.  I don’t have the time to moderate that sort of thing, hah.

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