Child’s Anger Take 2?

I’m trying harder to try different styles of writing…a self-imposed exercise…so before I submit to Trifecta tonight, honest opinion: like you this, or the last version, more?

The day Ebony ran to tell Maura what had happened, she looked like a wild thing, her hair an auburn nimbus floating about her head, her eyes red from crying. Maura dropped the herbs she was drying in shock.
Ebony regretted telling her almost instantly.
“This is serious!” Maura scolded. “Magician’s Guild rules! You can’t go around using magic against people.“
Ebony squeezed her eyes closed, feeling the burn of furious tears trying to escape from her eyelids. It didn’t block out the words.
“You have to apologize. Formally.”
“But Graham started it!” Ebony insisted. He was twelve, he knew better than to follow her down the street shouting: “Havenworth’s a bastard!” She’d only meant to hit him. She hadn’t meant to lose control of the magic, and besides, she had only stung him a little.
But Maura made her apologize anyway. “Life isn’t fair, love,” she said. “You’re only ten, you’ll understand someday.”
Ebony stomached the humiliation of having to stand in front of Graham’s doorway, numbly murmuring an apology and fighting the feelings of disgust. She clenched her fists so tight they bit into her skin and became tiny moons of red that Maura had to heal later. She signed the document swearing to never use her magic for harm again, with one of the Village Elders present…
Seeing Graham’s satisfied smirk as he mockingly forgave her made her want to hit him all over again.
But rules said: people couldn’t use their powers to hurt, maim, or kill another unless ordered to by the Crown. It was just another way the Fae could control Humans, and Ebony hated it.
She hated everyone–Graham especially. He was an absolute beast, as bad as the Fae or worse.
Maura didn’t understand.
The burning hatred of the other children’s eyes on her back lasted for weeks.
She, too, burned hot with a child’s anger, and Ebony had been deadly serious when she said to Maura:
“I’ll apologize–but I won’t mean it.”

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