Child’s Anger (Trifecta Beast Prompt)

Ebony’s vision was a bluish blur of tears as she burst into Maura’s cottage.
The Healer stood up from the chair she had been occupying in a rush, dropping the bundle of herbs she had been preparing.
Ebony caught a glimpse of a wild thing with red eyes and a floating auburn nimbus of hair– herself in the looking glass.
“Ebony! What is it?” Maura cried.
Ebony flung her satchel down so its contents spread across the floor as she stormed up the curved steps to her room. She turned and saw Maura hurrying after her, tucking a wayward hair into her greying bun.
“Graham is an absolute beast!” Ebony raged at last, throwing herself flat onto her bed and glaring at the floor. “I hate him.”
She heard Maura moving through the room, and then felt the firm touch of a hand between her shoulder blades. “Ebony?” Maura asked in a low voice Ebony knew was usually reserved for distraught patients. “Talk to me.”
Ebony squeezed her eyes closed, feeling the furious pressure of tears anxious to fall against her eyelids. She spoke slowly to stop herself from crying. “I was coming back from my lessons and Graham was waiting. He started calling: ‘Havenworth’s a bastard!’ and I hit him!” Ebony sniffled.
Maura was quiet.
“I used magic,” Ebony mumbled.
“Ebony!” Maura’s sharp tone sounded like a warning, and Ebony sat up.
“It was an accident!” Ebony insisted. “Anyway, I only stung him a little.”
“You’re going to have to apologize to him,” Maura said in a firm tone. “You can’t go around using magic against people. Or hitting them.”
“He started it!” Ebony shouted.
“This is serious,” Maura interrupted. “Magician’s Guild rules. You have to apologize. Formally.”
“It’s not fair,” Ebony insisted.
“Life isn’t always fair, love. You’re only ten–you’ll learn,” Maura said with such a cool finality, Ebony knew she would not win this.
I’ll apologize but I won’t mean it, Ebony thought as tears began to fall.
This story contains original characters and backstory from my YA fantasy series “Ebony”. Thought it was about time you got to meet the girl herself (albeit years before the books begin…)

This prompt was in answer to Trifecta’s Week Eleven? Twelve? Challenge for the prompt: “beast”. Third definition in 333 words or less.


  1. Take away the wizardry or magic and you just described a typical day between my 7 & 8 year old daughters.

    LOvely imagery and even better dialogue.


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