Old Friends: Trifextra Love Story

Trifecta’s new weekend challenge is right up my alley, as I am sick and missed the weekly shebang. I present to you a love story in exactly 33 words about two old friends:


I balked with disbelief then as his storm-cloud eyes sought mine, hooded with desire. His persistence won out, although our love was quick as a summer rain. Now, we are grey-haired and wistful.



    1. You are close to what I envisioned, jester queen. In truth, they are two old friends reflecting on their love as youths, but instead they chose to just be friends and there is always the “what-if?”

  1. ZOMG I have just had an encounter of this kind! Except that the early part of this relationship was short and each moment intense, but it was still drawn out over the years of my youth. In retrospect, 25 years later, it still looks like a summer storm.

    We reconnected, he and I, only this past month. We’re both happily in other circumstances, but there is nothing as simple as that eternal and unhurt love that comes from having survived the storm intact.

    Um … I guess I related to your story. Amazing how well 33 words can perform.

  2. Thank you for joining us for this week’s Trifecta Challenge. Yours was among my favorite responses to the challenge. Such a beautiful, sad, relatable piece. Come back on Monday and check out our new prompt.

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