Friday Check-In with Trifecta

Friday Check In With Julia

What is your name? (real or otherwise): Julia Mae Guenevere Staley. Also known as J.M. Staley, and JMS. If you use some of the memes out there, I SHOULD be called Mae Tosca. (Middle name, street you grew up on.)

Describe your writing style in three words: Dark, descriptive……Dialoguesque?

How long have you been writing online?: Since I was 13, but I’ll never tell where my bad fanfiction resides!!!

Which, if any, other writing challenges do you participate in?: Indie Ink, Word Count Podcast, I plan to start submitting to Story Dam soon, Write on Edge, and others in the future.

Describe one way in which you could improve your writing: I have to pick one? Fine: writing nonsensical fragments. Because the other sort of fragments are all right, but the nonsensical ones make everyone confused as to who is talking: me or the character.

What is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?: Murder your darlings. Or, five things, which I talk about at length in one of my blog posts here.

Who is your favorite author?: Sorry, no can pick! Patrick Rothfuss is my number one right now, but Neil Gaiman, Anne Rice, Steven King, Garth Nix and Phillip Pullman all make my top ten.

How do you make time to write?: I do it at work. (Whoops! Although believe it or not I am still the fastest temp they have ever hired here.) I set aside about a half hour every day and force myself to write over 1500 words within that time, to be edited later. What you see on the blog is only a little of what I actually write, but I can’t post things that give away major story plots in my novels!

Give us one word we should consider using as a prompt: “Careen” or “fool”.

Direct us to one blog post we shouldn’t miss reading: If by read, you mean listen…
I am about 33 minutes into this podcast and it’s about 8 minutes long. It’s the prologue from Ebony Book 1: Ragnor’s Bane. There’s harp and singing involved! I think you should hear it. Then give the other writers on the podcast a listen as well. Warning, the stories are dark, creepy, and most of them are not appropriate for young children’s ears. Or coworkers, unless you don’t mind being considered the weird cubicle mate. (As I will forever be branded….)


  1. {Waves hi!}
    You have no idea how comforted I am by the love of nonsensical sentences above. I took your prompt and ran with surrealism. How I can tell I’m coming WAAAyyyy late to your introduction? By the fact that they totally ran with ‘fool’ back in week 15, and I’m just NOW following up by visiting your greeting. #I’llblamemychildren.

  2. Haha the weird cubical mate, my last job I used to wear headphones while listening to Dane cook, and Stephen Lynch, and would laugh hysterically. I would get all kinds of stares from my coworkers, not the same situation, but you brought back memories nonetheless. Thank you for that.

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