Some… Hot… Poetry

Ahem, is it getting warm in here or is it just me?

Okay, so this is totally away from my usual. Consider this my foray into poetry, and it’s not even new stuff, just stuff I haven’t had the guts to post before today.  And warning, the last one is COMPLETELY inappropriate for anyone under 18.  Read it at your own risk!


“You’ll Win”

You are dangerous

You could hurt me with your words and actions

But I’m not scared

Because I’ve seen you

The other you

The bright and energetic star that lights up other people’s skies

That brings a smile to our faces

And laughter to our lips

I’ve seen that you

And that you makes me stay

Part of you may be dangerous

But I think

In the end

The star you

The bright you

That you….

You’ll win.


“Tourist of the Heart”


We sit on a bench watching another couple

Not that we are a couple, of course

But we study them closely

She is neat and organized, sitting near a bag packed for a tourist.

She wears old jeans, frayed (Not like yours, neat and new.)

And we lean in close like a couple–

Not that we are a couple–

But we whisper about their motivations

Why she is in town

Why she is old fashioned

Why he touches her knee

(and I keep hoping your knee will press to mine again)

They leave and we think:

Why, if she is organized, does he have the pack?
Is he the tourist?

Over dinner, over your shoulder while you’re smiling at me

You don’t see the old woman give me a wink.

She watches us

It’s not her fault

She doesn’t know we’re not a couple.

We are all just tourists of the heart here

And if this is my moment with you, I’ll visit it gladly


Okay and finally, I can’t really hide this last one but this is the best I can do:

“my dark seducer”


“come for me.”

Your soft words caress my flesh

Like lips and teeth on skin

Biting, begging

my longing to come forth

Your voice

—like the crescendoing climax of your song—

Seduces me

Soothes me

Would make me do anything

If you only asked me

“come for me.”

God your words are like ice cream

melting on pavement in summer heat

or just melting over my heated skin

as your lips hover

just out of reach

above mine

You smile so wickedly,

my dark seducer.

Tell me again, please.


Why yes, Miss Scarlett, I do believe it is quite hot in here now! Woo!

Hope you enjoyed it.  (Can’t say anything now without hearing an innuendo…) Come back again for more…  (oh dear god… I am 12… )



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