More Poetry

Warning: this first poem is really not appropriate for those under 18! You were warned!

Before You Left For Work Today
I was buttering the morning toast.
I could feel
your long nose running up my back.
As you kissed
your way to my neck, you let out one soft, desperate moan.
I shivered and my bangles clattered, (the
ones you like.)
Your careful hand ran up my thighs
I didn’t mind
when you took me against the counter
sending silverware flying,
breakfast forgotten.
for something other than toast.


I thought of what I should have said.
Instead of the drunken ranting,
The whispered hopes
Spoken too soon and too hard
And too true.
I thought I should have waited
To tell you how I dreamed us walking a sandy beach at 65, old and grey and worn out, like two old sandals.
I probably shouldn’t have said those things last night.
But belatedly,
I recall how you smiled
And didn’t answer
And I think:
At least it wasn’t no.


Yeah, more poetry, but at least this stuff is new!

1 Comment

  1. I must say, before you left is quite a nice piece…can’t help but picture the scene going down in your head, with help of course from your very vivid descriptions. I also really liked belatedly, that moment when you start to over think not doing or saying something, or even that fact that you may have did it

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