Medal (Storydam Word Wednesday)



“You know what you’ve done, don’t you, Lorne?” Melmidoc said, his brow furrowed, sounding ever wiser than his years.

Lorne tried to stare back at the boy, but was startled by the intensity of his gaze and forced himself to look away. How was it these wizards got more and more talented at a younger age? Then again, Humans always seemed so little to him…

The Head Witch was shaking her head at him.  Gods, but the Humans could be so petulant… “You take back up this position, knowing full well the damage you’ve caused.”

“I know,” he said, barely above a whisper. “I know I was wrong.”

“You’re a Prize Mage, for Wune’s sake,” Melmidoc said.  “Grow some balls and admit it – you were more than wrong. This was a catastrophe.  All for some stupid idea of revenge!”

“Melmidoc,” the Head Witch said, touching him lightly on the shoulder. The wizard took a deep, heaving breath and threw her touch off, stalking away into the corner to sulk.

Lorne swallowed hard.  The Head Witch held out the pendent, the mark of the Prize Mage. The thing he hadn’t worn since he left University all those years ago…

“Are you ready to do whatever it takes to win this?” the witch asked, her brown eyes strangely lacking any of the warmth they usually contained.  “You must be motivated not out of revenge for what happened to your family, but out of loyalty to the Guild.  To our world.  And because you know that this is what’s right.  Revenge would be too easy.”

“I know,” Lorne said, and it felt like his mouth was filled with dry cloth.  “I learned my lesson in the Northwilde.  I-I will do my duty to the Guild.”

“Then receive back your amulet, and your rights as a Prize Mage,” He bent down and she placed the chain neatly around his neck.

He touched the metal, remembering what it had cost him to lose this, to lose everything.

He remembered the friend that had gotten a matching amulet, and his broken promise of friendship.

He touched the gold medal, and it felt oh so heavy.


Okay, more backstory from my original fantasy series, Ebony. It is very vague, and I’m sorry for that again.

This is for an old Word Wednesday on Storydam, for the word “medal”.  I keep lurking over there… but anyway, this time I actually wrote something.

Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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