Shelter from The Storm -100 Word Song Challenge from Lance

I woke up sweating under the microfiber blanket, filled with nightmares of wind and rain and smoke from fires I couldn’t control.  But his hand was there to hold mine, crammed between my side and his leg, as he murmured something like: “love you,” in his slumber and pressed his face against mine.  My breath was visible in the cold air, the power gone hours and days before.  The wind rattled trees outside, but Sandy was past.  Sheltered from my dreams, I settled down.  My lips kissed his clammy forehead, lulled to sleep by his deep breathing and innocent child-sleep.


Written for Lance’s 100 Word Song Challenge. This week was “Shelter from the Storm” by Bob Dylan.

Writing like a maniac and updating like crazy while I’ve got some internet access…  you’ll hear from me sporadically now!

Funnily enough, this story started as my own from just last night.  I roughed it on the floor of my parent’s living room, next to my boyfriend, and we slept before the wood burning  fireplace (which was burning smoky, but it was heat and that was better than no heat at all in my boyfriend’s apartment.)  We have no power, but at least we have gas so we can cook.  Canned food has become my best friend.

I am just thankful my parents could so graciously let him stay with us until this nightmare is over (and set aside certain religious beliefs temporarily, letting us sleep together on the floor for warmth.  Thank goodness…)

Reading this story again, I realized it could’ve been anyone last night post-Sandy, and it could very well be an actual child, rather than a grown man sleeping sweetly.  So hey, take what you will out of it: but this is the reality of what happens after a hurricane!  I’m also thankful I’m not as bad off as those in coastal NJ and NYC without homes now due to fire and flooding.

I hope you, dear writers and readers, all are well and safe.



  1. I love this interpretation. Being sheltered from your dreams, especially young is a great image and feel. Thank you for playing 100 word song. I hope I can have you do it every week. thanks, julia

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