Playing at Favorites

Three a.m. car talk:
wild leaf devils spiral up,
Old friends remember.

Fresh kitchen scent, mmm…
Cooking with you is so good.
Pass the cinnamon.

Music and laughter; a writer’s dream.
The end.

I tried to get all my favorite things into 33 words… For Trifecta’s weekend challenge.

I thought haikus would work well.

My friends and family, weather, talking late at night, autumn, baking, the love of my life, cooking, cleaning, music, laughter, my dreams, my writing, the dreams that inspire my writing, Yup, got everything but Skyrim in there…

Hope you liked it!


P.s. on Trifecta’s page they linked to the song “my favorite things”. Here is my favorite version, sung by Barbara Streisand. :).


  1. I like it. I like it best if I ignore the haiku intent, because the lines are a wee bit bullet-pointy. But it has the ‘mono no aware’ feel to it, which is good in any poem.

    Marie Marshall

    1. I am so glad you thought it had the attention to transience/wistfulness of things past haha even if you found my lines bullet “pointy”.

      Having to “list” my favorite things in 33 words becomes bullet-y anyway. :/

      But yay!

      And hey, Scotland!

  2. Haiku you not love this (think about it…punny)?

    I like your short bullets. They emphasized emotion. This was great. *bowing*

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