Experienced – 100 word song challenge

The wood shone like water as the stage lights came up. She walked out. Realism was a fiction – all that mattered was her cool indifference and the Valium that allowed her to sing.

Her manager had warned her no one listened to classical music.

“If you bring that cello onstage again, you’re gonna lose ’em!”

Screw the system. It was like the goddamn conservatory all over again.

They didn’t know her.

Her fans knew her.

“Tonight, you get a peek into my past,” she whispered into the mic.

They screamed for her.

She smiled. She played.

It was love.

Witten for Lance’s 100 word song challenge this week, based on Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced?”

I consider this slightly autobiographical only because I face opposition from all sides in regard to my music. The record people tell me I need to make it more mainstream.

The conservatory people will deny I was ever serious about my classical art, because I do rock and pop. They told me I should write for Broadway, because in music terms that means they didn’t think I was capable of composing “real” music.

I don’t expose a lot of skin. I’m sexy in my own way. I don’t sound like Katy Perry and I’m not on drugs to get by (unlike my heroine above.)

But that doesn’t matter to me, because I do what I love and even if I NEVER get famous for my music, it’s okay. My fans love me.

I don’t need a panel of judges or a high powered executive to tell me I’ve got talent. Most of fame has nothing to do with talent.

Except for a prized few, days gone by, being themselves on the stage and shining bright as a star while setting fire to their guitars…

Are you experienced? Have you been experienced?……




  1. I like this was autobiographicalish. I just wrote a novel about a female musician who stays true to herself despite so many temptations to conform. The last line is perfect, Julia. Thank for playing.

    1. I had fun as always, Lance!

      Is this novel out and readable to the public yet? I wouldn’t mind checking it out.

      Someday I want to write a fictional version of my life at conservatory. Or maybe not so fictional, because the real life was crazy enough. I definitely will write a novel about it someday, though!


    1. Eric,

      Why thank you! My music is a crossover of classical and rock most days. I do have a single out you can preview (or download if you like it enough) called “beautiful lies”.
      It’s got string quartet, harp, piano and rock drums.


      Otherwise, you can hear live acoustic versions of my things at: YouTube.com/juliamaestaley. I’d recommend “Fall”.

      Thanks for reading.



      P.s. anyone with the same name as the phantom of the opera is awesome, even though I hardly know you haha

      1. Julia,
        Just listened to the sample of “Beautiful Lies” and my suspicions on liking your music have been confirmed. As soon as I have the cash, I’ll be laying down the cash.

        From what I heard, you have every right to go your own way and not let the “experts” tell you any different.

      2. Sweet!

        And actually I should mention you’ll be able to hear another album-quality song IN FULL for free in a week or so.

        This man, R.B. Wood, does a podcast every so often. I was on episode 22 a while back with my writing.

        This time I submitted a song to him and he has confirmed it will be on the broadcast. While very high quality, it is not the final album version. Mainly because I want to support indie authors and while I can’t shell out cash to do so, I can donate a song version, so I did.


        Speaking of, you should submit some flash fiction to the podcast. He needs material and your writing is very good.


  2. I really love this. It has great bones for a larger story. Music and fiction play so nice together because there is so much opportunity to create music and prose at the same time.

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