bad, bad girl. (Criminal 100 Word Song Challenge, Lance and Leeroy)

This should probably be rated something…

Just to be safe:  if you’re under 18 I’d suggest against reading this.

If you’re easily offended by anything too freaky, don’t read it. 

Any other complaint – just-

Don’t read it.

Otherwise, please enjoy.  🙂


her sickness had started so simply.

she liked having her power taken away.

she dreamt of leather gloves sliding across her skin.

The sharp *thwack* of a whip.

Only her diary knew, because no one would want that kind of responsibility.

she gave up on her fantasies.  Met a nice man. Got married.

One night she got home late.

Ben wasn’t there.

But a masked man pinned her to the wall.

she screamed, but it was all a game.

she saw her diary open on the coffee table,

and heard Ben’s voice behind the mask.


Dreams fulfilled, she obeyed.


So this was for Lance and Leeroy’s 100 word song challenge.  I am so honored they asked me to pick the song for this week, which is “Criminal” by Fiona Apple.

*Ahem* the first time I heard this song, because my brain is a dark and perverted place, and before I looked up the lyrics, I assumed that the song was about something like my entry above.  Upon later examination, there are many layers, much deeper.  But I was always struck by the overt sexuality of the song.

Then I watched the damn video, and all interpretations went up in the air.

There are parts she’s been put in a closet!!! She’s afraid, but seemingly happy to be afraid of the audience, or of the mysterious man in the video.  (Whose feet we see, but never his face.)  I know a little about Fiona Apple, and she was raped years previous as a girl.  There are lots of debates as to what this song is about.  Is she relishing in the power men have over women or rebelling? Sarcastic or serious?  Pleased with her secret power of this almost teenage-like out-of-her-depth sexuality, or afraid of it?  It’s certainly creepy, softcore, voyeuristic and odd, and I’m not sure there is a right answer.

Watch the video.  You decide.

But oh, I still stand by my interpretation of it, because it could still fit.  She’s been a bad, bad girl.  She was careless with a delicate man.  She came to you because she needs guidance to be true.  She totally needs guidance.  Guide her.  GUIDE HER, I SAY.  (lol)

Also note the purposeful lower case “s”’s throughout for she.  It’s pretty common for submissives to refer to themselves as “i” in writing.  Learn something new every day….


  1. I’ve always thought it was about projecting her crap onto some nice guy or some person coming from an honest place while she was being screwed up and dishonest.

    I think you interpreted it with precision and strength. Kink aside, it was about power. I liked it.

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