Goddess Crush – trifecta weekly

The city was hers.

Felicia wrapped her toga tighter around her thin frame and sneered down at her subjects.

She towered above them.

“You have turned from the old ways,” she boomed, her voice like thunder as it echoed. “Now, you shall pay!”

They screamed and ran. But they could not escape.

She pounded a car to scrap metal underfoot. She kicked over a building like it was nothing. If there were still people inside, all the better. She ground her heels on the frame.

To crush a tall building into powder… That was power.

The heathens would all suffer. They had forgotten their goddess. Today they could share in her pain.

A man tripped nearby. She smiled as she stomped towards him.

It was Tony. That no good, lying son-of-a-bitch.

He pleaded in a tinny voice. She couldn’t even hear him.

“Oh,” she mocked him, “you should’ve asked for forgiveness a long time ago.”

She bent over until she could make eye contact. “But it’s too late now!”

He ran. She straightened up. She raised her foot high–

“Cut! That’s a wrap, people!”

Felicia stepped away from the tiny plastic figurines and sighed.

“Coffee?” She asked an assistant. He ran to get it for her.

His smile was sweet when he handed it over.

Huh. He seems nice, she thought.

The director ran towards her.

“Felicia, honey, that was so inspired! Where do you get that passion from? I really believed you were a vicious killer out for revenge!”

He folded his arms, knocking the plastic nametag that read: Tony.

She gave him her sexiest smile over the rim of her plastic cup. “Oh, you know. Around.”


Trifecta’s prompt for this week was “crush”. As in grind into powder.

I had a blast with this one. I think we have all wished at some point we could get revenge on someone…

Felicia’s is, well, it’s certainly special.

Hope you enjoyed!



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