Wine, Woman and Song

I have found a vice tonight.

I hate to say it because then I’m admitting it, but I found a red wine so good I am perfectly okay with spending $23 a bottle forever if it means being able to drink it some nights.

The culprit? Crossing Vineyards’ “Chocolate Cherry Truffle” dessert wine. Oh yes, it is delicious, and no I am not just having it for dessert.


Actually, my dinner is currently in the slow cooker while I’m enjoying a glass and listening to Pandora’s Swinging Christmas channel. (See recipe for dinner below)

Okay, you’re thinking, what the hell does a twenty something know about wines?

Well, it just so happens my father raised me a sort of connoisseur. Ironically, his taste buds never allowed him to fully appreciate wines so he says, but my taste is very sensitive. He told me I surpassed him long ago. I always select the wine for family gatherings at restaurants and take the first taste. My current faves?

Ford Coppola’s Claret (cannot recall year,) California and MacMurray’s Pinot Noir 2009 (California).

Tonight’s wine… How to describe it? It’s aroma is pure chocolate. Like walking into a chocolate factory. On the tongue is first oak, and then the sweet/tart cherry combo. Swallows smooth and rich. No earthiness at all for a red!!! Aftertaste is just like eating those chocolate cherry candies so popular around Christmastime. Then oak again. Yummy, yummy, YUMMY!

I had a glass (or three… o_O) with my girls for a fun night out at the local brewery “the Vault” and just had to get a bottle myself.

The vineyard itself is beautiful but the service a bit slow/lacking/almost rude if you stop in not dressed to the nines.

(Stopped after work, in jeans, looking young and unfamiliar with wines. untrue, but they saw what they saw. I guess it was a bad idea on my part.)

I was ignored for ten minutes. But if you live in the area, it is worth any wait for this wine.

I admit this wine is one of those that gets you buzzed quickly if you’re a lightweight like me. But it doesn’t make you feel ill and I had no hangover after drinking way too much of it. (I’m also 24, disclaimer!) I never, ever, ever spend more than $20 a bottle because I am a starving artist and damnit I will drink the Funky Llama and the Middle Sister because I can afford it. But every now and then the palate cries out for something more delicious and sweet, and…

Well, this was it. You won’t find a smoother dessert wine for the price. I bought another unnamed brand for a little less and it was awful after this gem. (Okay, okay: Chocolate Shoppe’s Chocolate Strawberry. Ick. Never again.)

My rating:
Brand: Crossing Vineyards’ Cherry Chocolate Truffle,
Region:Bucks County, PA
available from Washington’s Crossing, PA (yes, near where Washington crossed the Delaware and my old hometown)
Variety: Port, Dessert Wine

Flavor: 10/10
Smoothness: 9/10
Aftertaste: 9/10

Original Winemaker’s Notes: “…this full-flavored fortified wine has a complex aroma of dark chocolate mingled with notes of black cherry, ripe plum and toasted oak. On the palate the taste is rich and sweet, with a satisfying, warm finish. This wine is ‘dessert in a bottle,’ the perfect compliment to a great meal.”

750 ml, 17% alc. by volume, contains sulfites

So if you live in or near PA, or if they ship (haven’t actually checked website) you must try this delight to the palate.

I’m not driving anywhere tonight, so it is wine, dinner, my boyfriend, and some fantastic film. [Or anime while he still naps. Hey, can’t blame me for loving that Japanese culture. 😉 ]

Anyway, here is my dinner:


(borrowed from a family friend that “does not do the blogging thing”

Slow Cooker Sweet Meatballs

About 2lbs Precooked Frozen Meatballs

12 oz red currant jelly

2 cans (15+oz) of chili sauce or sloppy joe sauce.

Place all together in a slow cooker and cook on high for 1-2 hours until heated through. Stir every half hour or so to better mix the sauce. That’s it. No seriously. That’s it. Go have some wine. Join us winos.

I served this meal with some Hawaiian sweet rolls and mashed potatoes for my wonderful guy. You could also serve this as an appetizer at a party with little toothpicks. It goes over quite well. It makes a great side dish. I just wanted it as my main, tonight. Pictures to follow.

Leftovers can be frozen in a container, but don’t refreeze it after thawing! Like all meats, don’t keep it in the fridge for more than a week. But it’s so yummy you probably won’t have leftovers.

Hope you all enjoyed. Oh yeah, I’m a cooking machine and a foodie, if you didn’t know. Now you do!



Quote of the night:

Nate: “are you watching hentai?” Me: “no!! Jesus, it’s Darker than Black!”



  1. I’ll have to see we can get that wine here in Centre Co., If not, maybe when we’re visiting the in-laws in Philly.

    We generally try to stay under $10-$12 for everyday drinking but love a better wine once in a while for the holidays or just for a treat.

    1. It is definitely worth it!

      Random: CO is probably one of my favorite states. It is so beautiful there!! I had a friend in Denver I used to visit and we traveled all over the state.

      I don’t know whereabouts your in-laws reside. If you do come to this area, here are some things to make it into a day trip:

      Crossing Vinyards- Wine Tasting (Washington Crossing, PA)

      Or for variety: Rose Bank Winery (Newtown, PA)

      Washington Crossing State Park (Jersey or Pennsylvania side, both are nice)

      Local dinner spots: Isaac Newton’s in Newtown (American fare, not too pricey, $18 entrees)

      The Yardley Inn (Yardley, PA) $$$ but worth it.

      If you’re ever around, anyway! 🙂

      1. Oops sorry the Co. is for “county” — as in Centre County PA! Regardless, thanks for the tips, we’ve been to Washington Crossing State Park but not the wineries. I’ll note them and the restaurants. Thanks again, and sorry for the confusion.

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