Soliloquy – Trifecta Anticipation

“Pass the salt,” you say

Head buried in a screen.

I obey, but feel somehow

Your work is but a door between.

Your dinner nearly done,

The dawning thought: I deemed

I’d seen this somewhere else before.

And then-

An Anticipation!

Of what our future might become.

The endless hours dragging on.

The night begun it seemed

Till fears had won.

And that is what’s in store.

Dour and sulking, I

Did ponder this soliloquy:

Do futures make themselves or are

they birthed on rocks of self-defeat?

“Enough,” I say, “I will not see

this history repeat.

So shut the screen and eat with me.

Let work be done now, dear and come!

Put away the Mac,

that horrid fiend,

that splits in two

all that we do

and turns my mood to darkest black.”

With that, my thoughts wipe clean.

You obey, but feel somehow

You’re not sure what you’ve seen

But wonder who’s at fault today.

I just went crazy with this. It’s sort of prose poetry in answer to Trifecta’s weekly challenge: the third definition of the word “anticipation.”

I am not sure what happened here, but I liked it. Done almost entirely as stream of consciousness with minor edits.

A soliloquy is a monologue in a show, spoken regardless of what else is going on around them. Or, a character speaking their thoughts. Which is pretty much what this is allllll about.




Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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