Christmas Eve – Trifecta

I swear the year just started.
Had the chance to breathe.
To finish all the shopping?
Get out the door, let’s leave!
(Listen! Carols!)
Resulting drama
Christmas Eve?

This short prose/poem written in response to Trifecta, asking us to reflect in 33 words or less on the holiday season.

Christmas always comes as a surprise to my family somehow, and there is always a lot of stress and yelling, and yet I consider my family to be one of the most festive and in the spirit. We have decor up right after Thanksgiving on good years. This is not one, but the drama is lovely somehow.

Speaking of:

Happy holidays to one and all. I will post this weekend about my family’s Polish American Christmas traditions and I hope you will share yours as well!

But first, a post on the flu.


Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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