2013 Resolutions

1. Write at least 1 challenge blog entry a week.

2. To lose 20 pounds and an additional 10 next year, the goal being my college weight. (But I’ll look damn good after 10 pounds because I know my body)

3. To appreciate those around me more.

4. To get a full time job that I enjoy and that challenges me.

5. To eat more fruit, vegetables, legumes and whole grains and to drink more water. (Earth made versus man made foods. No more chips or soda.). Drink more skim cappuccinos instead of lattes and make sure I’m only eating 1 “dessert” a day.

6. Send my newly edited manuscript back to the editor @kgwaite for one more check then on to the agents once more!

7. To exercise 30 minutes a day: walk 4 miles daily or do 20 minutes of full body strength training (like Pilates or slow controlled martial arts or swimming) or dance for 30 minutes every day. My herniated disc is going to make this goal hard but I will do it!

8. To get in touch with all old friends and enemies, even if its just once this year, just to say hi and get rid of old grudges that haunt me.

9. Take my anxiety meds every day when I am supposed to so I don’t have random panic attacks or depressive episodes. This one is a must.

10. Read a book a month.

11. Start taking voice lessons again so I am always in tip top shape.

12. Finish my album and start performing live again with merchandise in hand at last!

13. To love.


What are yours? Feel free to comment below.

Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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