Big Changes Coming!

Dear readers,

life is going to get a little nuts around here soon.

After much soul searching, I have decided to use a stage name for my rock harping/songwriting career.  I chose to do it, not because I feel there is anything wrong with myself, or because I want to change my name, but because it allows me to keep my public and private life separate.

What does this mean?

For now, not much.  I am keeping this website until I save enough moolah to run two.  For now, all writing and songwriting etc. will link you here.  I am going to write some code up so my domain will also be  You can call me River, you can call me Julia, it doesn’t matter.  One is work, one is all me.

As to my writing career, I will not be using the name River for my published works.  It is solely for my stage life.

Confused yet? Hope not! Anyway, love you all, I promise I will get back to writing on the blog.  I’ve been frantically working on some contest entries that I can’t post here (until they are sent out).  But wish me luck, and I will be back soon.

JMS aka River

So meet River, my alter ego:

River Mae
River Mae
Possible Album Cover Idea
Possible Album Cover Idea


Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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