Why He Left- Trifextra Week 60

“In our first apartment, we watched the rain. I held him when he was sick.”

She took his black peacoat last. “I remember, and he does, too.”

I, mistress, fought the rebellion, but lost the war.


36 word challenge for Week 60
Of Trifextra was a fun morning for me. I had to use three words: rain, remember, rebellion, to tell a compelling tale in 36 words exactly.

I like it when affair stories come out on the OTHER side. Of course I’d rather not have them happen at all but we authors tend to take some sort of sick sadistic pleasure in making our characters suffer. I’m sure there’s a psychological analysis in there somewhere.

My first full-length short story, a scfi tale relevant to today entitled “The Newcomers”, is out to two magazine contests. I hope to win both, as one was an abridged audio version for The Missouri Review’s annual Prose Audio contest and one was for the Ohio Review’s fiction contest.

Wish me luck! I hear back in April so I will let everyone know.

Also back in the studio this week for some serious work. Serious. Like traditional, old school overnight musician work. It’s going to be awesome!

“I’m up all night in the studio/and you’re up early on your ranch/you’ll be brushing out a brood Mare’s tale/while the sun is ascending and I’ll just be/getting home from my reel to reel/there’s no comprehending…”

~Joni Mitchell, “Coyote”

Love you all, dear readers, and glad to be back.

~ Julia Mae


    1. Thank you!

      Yes, while I have never been married, I’ve been on both sides of cheating (not to my knowledge though, even as the “other woman”.) so it’s not fun! But yes it is quite fun to write.

  1. Good Luck! I found your blog via the Trifecta challenge. This was my first writing challenge. Your entry is amazing. I was completely lost in your 36 words everytime I read it! 9 times but who is counting πŸ™‚

    1. Wow! Thanks! That’s quite an endorsement. πŸ™‚ welcome to the group! Always nice to see new faces, and get some fresh blood into the mix. (I will go read your entry right now.)

      What’s your usual genre? (When not challenging yourself to 36 words.)

  2. The other woman more often than not gets a sore deal but then adultery has its price & will exact its pound of flesh!Fascinating read ,enjoyed your piece:-)Best of luck for the contests:-)

    1. Having been the “other woman” (without knowing it,) yes, it does suck! But somewhere in my head I’m satisfied to know that cheaters and liars will receive their due karma someday! Haha, thank you for stopping by and thanks for the encouragement.

      1. Absolutely-Karma takes care of these liars totally-am sorry to hear that you were unknowingly trapped into one such relationship-hoping you are over it & have healed & wish you all the best in life & love:-)

      2. While I think sometimes my pride still likes to be wounded by it from time to time, my heart and soul are very much over it. I’m in a beautiful and loving relationship now where we have absolute trust. It’s a wonderful thing. I wish you the best as well! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey there, Lumdog!

      Yeah I am watching House of Cards right now and there is a perfect example of when I absolutely loathe a main character because they are a terrible person – and yet I continue hoping they will win every time.

      I go for the narrator too! You’re not alone.

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