Moar Ebony Art

What do a swordsmith, a historian and a tailor have in common? Well, that you’d have to ask Nyal. It’s his choice of occupational combination, which often brings him a lot of jabs from higher class circles.

Alex never let’s him forget it, but Alex is a sullen, broody wizard anyway, and not one to make easy friends.


But Alex was exiled by the King himself, so maybe that’s why.

King Ragnor is hedonistic, fierce and somewhat cruel. He does not murder mindlessly like his father did, but he is the furthest thing from a humanitarian you can get. Dare I say evil?!


He lives up in his castle in the forbidding Black Mountains, where he watches over the land and rules the Fae and Humans alike.

Poor Marcus! Just one of the many Fae trampled under the king’s rule. Maybe someday he will see a kinder ruler.



All artwork drawn by me, all rights reserved. 🙂

Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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