Treasures of Korea

The sense of awe one feels when seeing this banner in person is indescribable. I’ve stared at this while working on captions and brochures for almost a month now, and was still unprepared for the breathlessness that overcame me at the sight.

The statue of Diana, previously unchallenged in its impressiveness at the top of the main entrance stairs, is dwarfed by this 40 foot creation from the 17th century. I can barely capture the scope in this shot taken this morning during my internship.

Open to the public starting Sunday as pay what you want admission: (unless you’re a member in which case you can come Sat.) Treasures of Korea at the Philadelphia Art Museum. Come see these Joseon Period treasures – some of which have never before left Korea. (This is one of them.)

Śākyamuni Assembly, 1653, National Treasure No. 301


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