Rapid Prototype Machines

Rapid Prototype Machines

their ink across the page

Where did the wily writers go

Consumed by errant rage?

Disappeared in flurries

Of cyberspace and thought.

Live on between the pages.

Forget me not.




Goodbye, dearest Trifecta.  You were one of the best writing challenges for a time – and you made our weeks better with your ideas and prompts.  There may be others out there in the dark recesses of the internet- but they will not be YOU.


Thanks especially to all the writers and readers we befriended through Trifecta.  I hope to see you elsewhere.  I wish you the best in your lives and careers.


Cheers, and we shall miss you,


Julia Mae Staley aka crosshavenharpist





  1. This is so good. Good byes are bittersweet. I especially like your comments at the end of your post. They mirror my own sentiments about Trifecta.

  2. The last line….definitely! But, side note….I also LOVE your blog’s subtitle…tagline…”escapism through words.” Yup. I think that’s what most of us are doing in this blogosphere 🙂

  3. ‘live on between the pages. Forget me not.’ That is beautiful and so appropriate here.
    May we meet again in cyberspace : )

      1. I think you conveyed a lot of images yourself, using words like “ink across the page”, “flurries” and “between the pages”… You’re so talented you don’t even realise you’re doing it! 😉

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