Complaint Culture

Why is it, when something goes wrong with a place of business, our first reaction is to tell somebody?

Is it right?  Are we dooming someone’s life, their job, just because we are unhappy?

Let me elaborate.

In the past week I have had not one, but three incidents that I have actually reported as a complaint.  I don’t know how life works that way, but it does.  

Firstly, my boyfriend was scolded by an employee of a local convenience store for reaching for something, and she called him stupid to his face.  I reported this person – who I learned was a district manager!! – to the company website.  She is lucky I was not there, by the way, because I would have gotten up in her face. 

Then, my credit card company double charged my account, over drafting me and charging a fee the same amount I had already paid them.  This actually went through a week of process and complaints before finally my branch handed it off to the “Resolution Team”, which he implied were big scary powerful people who would fix the problem.  

Lastly, an attempted print of my manuscript came out badly – and was unbound – forcing me to complain to the company’s main website because I did not want an unbound, 375 loose paged thing for $40.  I could’ve printed it at home for that kind of money.  I left reviews on several sites as well, including yelp, calling them out for their badness.  

Complaining to people is a sort of high, but it’s a bitter high, because the empathic – let’s just say empathetic- part of myself is wondering whether I’ve doomed several people to the unemployment line. *

Are we a complaint culture?  Or am I just a hothead?  

Or am I a strong woman who won’t sit back and be treated poorly?

What do you think?

*Except for that lady who called my boyfriend stupid.  She can collect unemployment and learn her lesson anyday.  Nobody calls my baby stupid!

Comments? Questions? Critiques?

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