Mother’s Day 2014

To my mothers:

To Andrea Staley, the mother who raised me and cuddled me and taught me how to sing, how to wear the right lipstick with the right outfit, how to walk in heels and always wear a slip, who kissed my booboos better and sat up late when I cried with a broken heart, who taught me how to love my elders and care for them, how to be crazy and quote movies even if no one else gets it, to embrace my wackiness and my strength and, when I’m so inclined, to pray. To persevere and ignore my critics. The woman Who taught me how to communicate with others and quietly put up with those who annoy me (sorry that last one did not stick, mommy.) for her beauty, her wisdom, her grace: I love you, mom.

And to Colleen Dean, the woman who gave birth to me, who gave me my family and the life I have now, even though I can’t imagine what it took to do that. The woman who gave me my beautiful hair and my mischievous smile and my crazy eccentric artistry. The woman who gave me siblings like I always wanted, even if it took me a while to find them. The woman who is a sometimes-hothead, (we prefer passionate,) and really it’s only for the things that matter, the woman who needs love and coffee and talks in a high squeaky voice to animals. The woman who shares my love for travel but also the desire to make a home that is HER quiet space, comfy chairs and home cooked food included. The woman who, though apart from me for 21 years, still managed to be just like me when we met at an airport in Dallas. (Well, okay, the other way around.) For her eccentricity, her beauty, her giddy smile: I love you, mom.

To the two woman who molded me and shaped me, and led me to the “nature” that is myself, and to all the “mothers” in my life like my aunts and birth-aunts and writing group and the older female friends who influenced me- I love you too.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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