I have this open mic coming up.  It doesn’t pay, but it’s good exposure.  Pretty please come and play it!

  • No.

Why not?

  • If I play too many shows, no one will come to the ones that matter.  And I’ve learned over the years – if I want my words, and my worth as an artist, to matter – I have to save up my strength for the big shows.  I encourage all musicians to do the same, and consider what point in their career they are at.  Are you still at the point you’re learning who you are? Play free shows!  Are you a really good artist now and can afford to play ticketed/pay venues? Stop the free shows – unless it’s for charity.

    As for me, I promise I’ll perform soon!

What is the price breakdown for your live shows, so I know how much money to take out at the ATM/transfer to my account before then?


  • SINGLE Download Cards – $1 each
  • Mermaid Print Postcard – $5
  • Mermaid Print Tour Poster – $10
  • Regular “Mermaid” tour Shirts – $15
  • Standard CDs – $20
  • Deluxe CDs – $40
  • Silk Screened Mermaid Shirts – $40
  • Mermaid Kiss from the Artist – $30
  • Spanks Given/Received- always free! 

What’s so special about the deluxe edition of your “some girls” CD?

  • It includes a special note from me to you not in the standard version, and four special versions of tracks that you haven’t heard before. If you are buying live at a show, it comes with the mermaid print postcard as well for free. OR you can give my merch table the postcard as your ticket to get $10 off the silk screened mermaid shirt. Because it costs significantly more than a regular CD, you definitely are also showing me how much you care.

When did you start on harp/How long have you been playing?

  • When I was 4, and ever since, except for when I was at my lowest point and I stopped playing for just over three years.

Why does your hair color keep changing?/Why do you wear makeup if you support women and healthy body image/why do you wear that?/why were you fat/why were you thin/why are you on a diet/why aren’t you on a diet/why do you sing about THAT??/why do you sell your kisses at shows/why do you objectify yourself in _____way?

  •  Part of my belief in women having healthy body image, and being strong and confident, is that they should be allowed to do with their own bodies as they will. I wear makeup, and dye my hair, and change my appearance or wear certain clothes because it makes me happy. I am not doing it for anyone else or for any particular pre-fabricated notion of how I should or shouldn’t dress. I used to care A LOT about how I looked, because I didn’t know who I was, and I hid behind it. But now I am perfectly aware of my own body image, and I don’t let anyone tell me what to wear.

    I sell my kisses at shows because it’s fun for me. I pretend to give myself to others for fun. I do a lot of things for fun, and they aren’t really your business, either.

    If you have a serious problem with it, go support another artist. You wouldn’t understand my music, anyway, and it isn’t for you.

Are you a pagan/are you serious/do you worship Satan/why don’t you believe in god/why don’t you declare what kind of pagan you are if you’re a real pagan/aren’t you afraid of going to hell/weren’t you catholic/I’ve seen you wear Buddhist prayer beads, does that mean you’re Buddhist now/what is your stance on religion?

  • I believe all religions – and atheists- should be able to talk to one another like civilized people and have meaningful discussions. I believe you should treat others how you want to be treated. I believe music transcends many barriers, including those of religion, and I don’t feel the need to convert people.   I am not a Satanist or an atheist. I know some of you won’t like me or listen to me because of my personal beliefs, or may even ban my music from others because of that, and that makes me sad, because what I have to say might affect you too, but you’ll never know.

I don’t want my child/my life exposed to your beliefs on ___ and I won’t be listening to your music anymore./I hate you/You suck/your music sucks/I think you’re a terrible person.

  • Clearly, we weren’t meant to be.  I’m not FOR everyone, just as everyone isn’t FOR me.  You can’t make everyone happy in life.  But I grew up abused and bullied, and you trying to troll me – or hurt me – isn’t going to work.  I’m a mermaid.  You can hold me down – but a mermaid can’t drown

Boy, look at that giant harp!!  Don’t you wish you played the piccolo?

  • No.



The following questions contain subject matter that is sensitive for some readers, and is intended for a mature audience:

If you were sexually abused, why didn’t you pursue it in court, especially when you encourage other women to do so?

  • I absolutely believe women should prosecute, and immediately go to a hospital, and get a rape kit done, and talk to the police. But I grew up in a different time, and I was raised in an era where sexual abuse was swept under a rug. It happened to lots of girls, but you didn’t talk about it. You might not speak to a whole side of the family again, or you might break up with the guy because of it, but likely he would tell everyone it was consensual anyway, and you wouldn’t be able to fight it because despite feminism, women’s words still didn’t matter back then to a lot of families. And if your parents didn’t go after him, you didn’t either.

    If it happened now, again, would I pursue it? Absolutely. If it happened to an adult or child I knew, I would encourage them to pursue it.

    But the fact is, The man that abused me as a child – he’s a marked child molester because some other parents along the way made their child testify in court against him. So he’s already paying the price for his crimes. If I had believed the others who had hurt me would have been pursued for their crimes, I would have reported it – but again, a different time, no evidence – it’s just my word against theirs and I should have acted on it immediately.

What is your stance on BDSM/consent?/Why are you a submissive if you’re all about women’s rights? Isn’t that a contradiction?/Aren’t you scared being so open about your sexual preferences like that?/Doesn’t this make you inappropriate to certain listeners?/Does this mean I can do whatever I want with you because you said you’re a submissive?/I can grope you because I’m dominant and a celebrity with tiny hands/You’re supposed to like being raped right?/You asked for it.

  • I came to a decision about a month ago to be open about my sexual preferences.  The reason was not to be an exhibitionist, or to force my sexuality on others – although some, including those in the scene, may feel that I am being too overt with it,  and doing just that.  But I have noticed a growing trend, and problem, in recent years, (mainly because of a certain famous fiction book on the topic.)  That’s what pushed me to this point.

    People with no prior knowledge are claiming expertise on BDSM, and people are getting hurt and raped because of it.  People are assuming that consent is not needed if someone is into BDSM, and that is wrong.  People think a lot of things about BDSM – mostly incorrect – and I’ve chosen to also make it my goal as an artist to educate those in the scene about the right way to play.  Or not play.

    Yes, I am a submissive. To anyone that knows me well, they see I am a dominant, sometimes overbearing, often loud woman in my day-to-day life.  The fact is, I need a chance to unwind.  I found BDSM when I was young, and perhaps because of my tragic history (psychologists say) I now have a preference for it.  First off, it’s normal to have these desires and fantasies.  I am about women’s rights, yes, and that does not exclude an interest in BDSM.  Just because I choose to give myself fully to a loving partner, does not mean I think less of myself.  And whether I chose to follow traditional gender roles or not, it’s a choice, and not reflective of myself as a human being.

    But the reason I want to come out about this is – too many people these days are equating abuse with BDSM, and that’s just wrong.

    When I was discovering my sexuality, and my preferences, I came across many men who believed that, because they were dominant, they had the right to touch or use my body in whatever way they wanted.  Because I was young, naiive, and – let’s face it – horny,  I let them go, because I thought that was how it worked.  It hurt at the time, or I didn’t like it, but wasn’t that part of the fun? I was confused by my feelings.

    It wasn’t until I was older and came under the influence of several more experienced submissives and dominants that I realized how wrong I had been.  I had, in fact, been raped by one of my boyfriends, under the pretense of BDSM.  I hadn’t thought of it that way – we had played without a safeword, and with me bound in gagged in such a way that I could not tell him to stop. I had specifically requested him to not have sex with me, merely play, but he went ahead and did it anyway, because I couldn’t respond.  His response was: “I thought you were into rape play.  You like that sort of thing, don’t you?”  And I did, so I didn’t think I had any right to report him to the police, even though I was in shock and crying for an hour and literally out of my mind for the rest of the day.

    I was raped by another man, later.  I had gotten drunk at a party and passed out at his place.  I woke up in his bed, to him over my body.  I got out early the next morning, but again, believed it was my fault.  He lied and told everyone I wanted it because I was into BDSM, and everyone believed him because they had already heard the rumors of what I was into.

    I never pursed either case, because at the time, I believed I deserved what I got.  I was afraid to tell the police I was into BDSM, because I felt they would draw to the same conclusions. And who knows, back then, prior to 2010, they very well might have.  It was a different world.  I want to change that world, and I think it’s already happening.

    Sexual violence is real.  Sexual assault happens everyday.

    It’s a sad fact that a lot of girls are raped, or used, because they give themselves over to a man that claims to be doing something out of love, when really it’s out of selfishness and lust.  I want to be a beacon for other submissives to know “hey – there is such a thing as consent.  What you’re doing is not that – it’s abuse, and you need to get away.”  Also, there are safety concerns – BDSM can be very harmful to your health if done incorrectly.  If you are choked in the wrong way, for example, you could actually die, or, at least, have your trachea crushed.  If you are tied too tightly in rope, you could suffer permanent nerve damage.  This is not something to take lightly – only play with experienced partners, or at least, partners who are willing to go slowly and follow the rules and check in with you throughout.

    And here is the biggest thing that everyone should take away from this lecture – If you’re going to experiment with BDSM, USE A SAFEWORD.  If you don’t, you are asking for much worse than just a bad time.  Don’t ever let a dominant talk you into ignoring this basic safety precaution.  It’s dumb, and you risk your life. Literally.  The adrenaline rush will not be any better just because you ignore safety.  Your Dom/Domme should care enough to know if they’re actually hurting you.

    As to the last point – yes, this means I as a human am sometimes inappropriate to certain listeners of a delicate age.  But I promise you, my language is not direct on the album, and if it were, I would put an Explicit tag on it.  But for many other listeners wondering about these feelings and desires they may be having, I am a symbol that it’s okay to follow what you want.  People should not be afraid to express themselves, through art, through sex, through music – as long as they have consent.  That’s my stance.

So spanks are free at your shows?

  • As long as you ask permission, or give me permission, absolutely! 🙂